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This ad is dated but you may still get some info or possibly a bin through the contacts listed below.

In the meantime, design your own!!!* design info below ad:



Locally produced all-natural wooden

Vermi-Tractor Bins

for your backyard/small farm!!

This is what we’ve all been waiting for!

Local craftsman trashforming untreated kiln-dried pallets into lovely garden worm-bins. Innovative design by local experienced vermi-permaculture designers performs multiple functions.

So versatile, these can be used as:

·      bin - contains  happy worm/soil foodweb community

·      sifter/sorter systems- produce castings

·      vermicomposter - processes household waste; food scraps, cardboard, paper, leaf litter and yard waste

·      tractor - prepares garden beds

·      continuous nutrient source for trees & bananas-stationary or mobile

·      lid -is also feeding platform for chickens (domestic or wild)

·      unit breathes and comes inoculated with beneficial fungii functioning as part of living system

·      unit can double as garden bench, picnic table or chicken roost

·      Equipped with self-harvesting systems

·      Versatile and easy to customize to your –and the worms’- specific needs!

·      Units are modular, come apart easily for transport

·      Roof and floor options allow unit to be used in shade or sun

·      Nutrients & castings produced feed soil automatically on location or are contained & moved by hand as needed (compost tea, potting soil, etc.)

multiple sizes available. price range $125.oo -$500.oo + worms

·    wormsworkkauai@gmail.com

also: 206-245-9987


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It's easy enough to design a bin/system if you have access to some recycled untreated wood.

Wood is by far the best.

The system needs to breathe. Wood gets innoculated and becomes part of the system, allowing air and water to breathe.

The bottom should always be open to the earth. Even if you have a catchment tray, it should be permeable.

Do not attempt to capture what people call "worm pee" or "worm tea", i.e. the exudate liquid from the bottom.

Allow it to flow into the earth, feeding the soil and plants around it. Flow goes both ways.

The system is breathing with and exchanging organisms with the earth and needs moisture for these beings to travel. Some of them come from far underground to eat, lay eggs and go back down.

They are building many levels of living soil for you.

They're good guys and we want to help them prosper.


Make your system have layers, mostly for ease of harvesting (the finished castings are always on the bottom)

but also to incorporate layers of air and space so the material stays fluffy and not compressed from too much weight/not enough air.

Add a lid of some sort, depending on location/use.

The lid is for shade and to keep out intruders like chickens, also to regulate moisture.

If you make a solid lid you must water the system. If the lid is permeable, you must monitor the rain.

IT MUST be in shade.

If the roof is high and the lid is permeable enough, you can add roosts and entice chickens to sleep there and poop into the worm box. They love manure.

See this page: VermiTractors to see some of the designs we have come up with.

Anyone with basic woodworking skills and some imagination could design worm boxes from locally available resources.

They are a great trade/sale item you can feel good about,

People will buy worms and worm tractors/boxes/bins.

And they are NEEDED!

You can help your neighbors become regenerative gardeners.



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