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Local Resources

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BAM; Beneficial Active Microorganisms is produced on O'ahu with locally beneficial organisms. We use it with fabulous results in our tea, worm beds, mulch and compost piles. It may be obtained locally at Healthy Hut in Kilauea or through Jim Piretti 634-4904.

He also carries a wonderful seaweed product (we also use) with aloe and cayenne called Organa.



Ken Bernard (639-3473) at Garden Ponds Nursery behind Banana Joe's will be happy to help with all your compost tea pump needs. He has inexpensive aerators (bubbles are the best and most efficient way to move and aerate water) and pumps w/ filters to pump the tea out into your watering can or spray unit. He knows all about us worm ranchers and he's ready and waiting to assist us. 



Need a Worm Bin? Steve Perry 246-6168 of Hanamaulu is fashioning 3 tier systems out of locally recycled materials such as buckets and bins.

See:Worm Grower making ranchettes

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