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How to make a worm row

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This is a "mini-greenhouse" style worm row, popular on Kauai for mid-size vermiculturists.

It's affordable, keeps chickens out, provides shade and easy access.

Step 1: Pound a pair of 2' rebar stakes (available at Home Depot) every 3', 3' wide.


Step 2: Cut 1/2" pvc 1n 5' lengths, mount on rebar and arch over.


Step 3: Put one long pvc (depending on length of row-50' or so) and zip tie to arches


Step 4: Attach irrigation tubing to long pvc, zip tie in place, add misting type emitters

and timer.



Step 5: Lay shade cloth over skeleton, staple down one side and find something to hold down the side you'll access (length of pipe, rebar, logs, etc)



Put down bedding (damp carbon material)          Layer nitrogen and carbon (no hot spots)

Tuck worms in. 

Lift up one side for feeding





Chicken Roost Worm Bed



Extremely simple and successful system

Chickens roost on cross bars arranged in ascending ladder pattern. Manure falls straight into worm beds during the night. Upsidedown flats protect worms and allow manure, sawdust and water through. Every morning, flats are sprayed with water for clean environment and to water worms. Toss sawdust on top, so no flies and to provide carbon. Once a week, pick up flats and add plenty paper, cardboard and woodchips.


Start with what you got. Use reuse local recyle.










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