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How to make a compost tea brewer

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Get a clean 55 gal. blue barrel from St. Francis Dialysis Center.


Pumps come from our friendly local expert, Ken Bernard, of Garden Ponds Nursery in Kilauea, located behind Banana Joe's, 639-3473.

He's prepared to assist the vermiculturists of Kauai, (he is one, actually!) and has designed a successful basic system for a 55 gal. drum.

It uses only air to move the tea, because it's far more energy efficient than using a recirculating pump. (easy for small solar systems)

Bubbles are the heroes, more the better. They cause beneficial microorganisms to proliferate (maximum surface areas exposed)

Bubble it for 24 hours in the shade/diffused sunlight. Give it your happy thoughts.



24-36 hours later (no more!) filter and pump out tea.  Fill up your sprayer.

Ken has that pump-out unit for you too.



There's always the 99$ Solo Backpack sprayers

and other smaller hand pumps available locally.




Maybe those will help start your search. I'm on the same quest. This is a collaboration, so...


Anyone who finds a great deal on 15-50 gal tow (or otherwise easy-to-manuever) sprayers, let us know!


Gravity feed is an easy first-step low-cost way. Drill hole at bottom of barrel and install a spiggot. 2 plastic lids work for gaskets. (May need sealant?)



And hey, it's pretty easy to drain it from the bottom with an open hose attached. You'll need a stick to poke at it and maybe a primitive filter (so no jam up...) You'll get tired of this soon enough-- if a hose and a bucket is your only way to spread tea, that is. It's good but it could be better... When that happens your natural desire to evolve will take over and you'll improve your system. (takes money or ingenuity)




Happy happy papaya!


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