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Harvesting and Sifting

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 6 months ago


First, go look.                               Dig for mostly finished castings (fingers only!)


{After awhile, harvesting becomes easier if you feed one section while letting another section finsh.

Make a system so you know where to feed and where to leave alone.}



Fill up wagon from worm row and park it in the Sun. The worms will crawl down away from sun and you can keep scooping off the top 2-3" as they go until there's only worms left. Put them back into row unless you have customers ready for them.




Prepare sifter. (1/4" hardware cloth will work.)


*Plastic sifters are nicer. Here's some on-line sources of sifters:


  • http://groworganic.com/item_GCO415_Soil_Sifter_2in1_Sieve.html

(not plastic but good price)


  • http://groworganic.com/item_GCO201_CanOWorms.html

(worm farm stacking shelves make great sifters)


  • http://www.happydranch.com/wormbins.html


(more worm farm stacking shelves-some lesser priced)



Sorting together is fun! These guys are picking out stray worms while


castings fall through harvesting screen.

Big chips, unfinished compost and worms go back to worm row.



Comments (1)

Steven Perry said

at 10:33 pm on Dec 14, 2008

Captions are great!
Any good pictures of worms and egg cases?
I think "Fill up wagon from worm row and park it in the Sun." is too likely to lead to worms dying from sun exposure.
Bright shade works pretty well and is cooler for harvesters too.
Can we say price "(not plastic but good price)"
(Steve Perry)

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