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Compost Tea Recipes

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To learn a LOT about vermicompost tea please join this yahoo group:



see some good files on this page:




Compost Tea is a science for some and an art for others.

You could put worm castings in water and it would already be great tea.

Then, if you wanted that tea to be even stronger (as in millions of times stronger) you would give the beneficial microorganisms an environment to proliferate before you used them.

That environment is 24-36 hours of well-oxygenated circulating water with nutrients for the organisms.

See: How to make a compost tea brewer

Compost tea recipes will vary like cake recipes. Please by all means, adjust your recipes according to what's available locally.

As for us, the distinctive difference in our recipe is that our compost is vermi-compost, making the results all that much more magnificent. 

If you have a great recipe that works well for you, please enter it here for all to share!

*Amigo Bob, co-founder of Peaceful Valley and originator of the term "compost tea" taught a course here and helped many of us understand this process:





This is the recipe we use (roughly) with unbelievably wonderful results:

(Please note: The ag-grade spirulina we used was available from Big Island (cyanotech) for just the price of shipping. Don't know if it still is?)

It makes 55 gal of tea which we would then dilute about 1:3(or 4) (water: tea)





    (Approximate amounts)


Worm Castings: – 1/3 five gallon bucket

Rock Dust Minerals:

*Rock dust – ¼ cup

*Phosphate Rock – ½ Cup


Greens: (microorganisms need their veggies too!)

Spirulina – 2 cups –

Liquid Seaweed - 1 Cup

Kelp – 2 Cups

Organa – ½ Cup

Comfrey- several/many leaves -  other nutritious plants (azolla, ferns...)


Let it bubble for about 24 hours. Do not “overcook” it or it will become anaerobic.


Using available resources this recipe may be modified.

We like to use locally available crushed blue rock and crushed coral for mineral sources.

Glacial rock dust is not local but is probably one resource becoming MORE available these days. It has a wide array of diverse minerals finely powdered.

Sometimes seaweed washes up on the shores in large amounts, or water hyacinth w/ sand and seaweed in it. If you're lucky enough to have a bucket and be in the right place at the right time, some of that in the tea (or compost pile)is yummm (may need washed of salt for tea)

We almost always ~gratefully~ add green comfrey leaves, high in minerals and nutrients


Q: I see the recent recipe for compost tea.

How long will the tea last, i.e.- remain viable for,  once you make it? Is it like BAM and only has a life of 3-5 days. Or, can you use it as you need and let it sit around until pau and airate intermittently.


A: It's alive... trillions of hungry little organisms who were born in a situation of max oxygenated water. We take 'em out at their peak, they've eaten all their food and reproduced accordingly & exponentially. It's best to use it IMMEDIATELY!



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