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Class Curriculum

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Curriculum for Vermicompost Class

Nov 23, 2009

Common Ground


1) Why Worms??? (Besides lazy)



  • Role in nature> related to forest floor (vermicompost=forest floor compost)
  • Tropical Vermipioneers: using biomimicry to reduce waste stream
  • Role in Soil Restoration
  • Responsibility of Vermiconversionists to: 'aina, self & others
  • Balance: Use forest-composting technology for reforestation not deforestation
  • Big picture goal includes reforestation; native and diverse forests blending harmoniously with human landscape, also local self-reliance, vital soil everywhere and no more concept of waste. Vermicomposters may retire at this point.




2) How does it work?


Building a worm bin or container:



    resources available




     Carbon:Nitrogen ratio

     Sources of resources







Making Tea:

    Making a Compost Tea Brewer

    Method: aeration and duration





#3) How to get started, get support and stay connected:


        Adopt a compost family

        Design and create a vermicompost pile at home (Make it a fun project).

        Create systems for regular feeding

        Harvest and use castings to reap benefits and close loop

        Call WormsWork for additional design and consultation services

        Join and link to http://vermiculturekauai.pbwiki.com and collaborate with larger community network to help create sustainable     zerowaste island community home.



Merry Worming!


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