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Adoption Papers

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 If you're holding this paper in your hand it must be because you want to take some of these critters home with you and put them to work.

We at WormsWork are glad for you because we care about you, your soil and the landfilll problem.

        You're being part of the solution.

We also care about the worms, their friends and the environment.

We're not just "selling you some worms".

We're offering you the opportunity to hanai some living beings.

You're getting a lot more than worms~

You're adopting an interdependent community of living beings who need your participation in this web of life.

It's true the rewards will be great, tremendous, remarkable even, but you must do your part.

In essence you're promising to play the role of a parent tree in the forest, providing food and shelter for all the organisms of the forest floor. Your waste stream will be the substitute for leaves, sticks, bugs, manure, eggshells, dead insects, ETC...

What a great way to get rid of your waste. Wait till you feed it to your plants and you'll be LISTING the other rewards too....

And a responsibility.

They are alive.

They need food, air, water, and shelter just as if you were adopting a puppy.

And they need it in the right balance, not too much and not too little,

and not most of the time but all the time.


I (the soul named below) agree to take care of my new hanai organisms, (worms and their composting ohana).

I will 1) establish a bin/habitat for them that is appropriate for; my location, resources available, scale and environmental sensitivities.

2)I will feed them regularly, keeping a correct CARBON: NITROGEN ratio of an average 4:1.

3)I promise to feed enough carbon of diverse sources to my compost community.

4)I agree to keep my bin/pile healthy and aerobic by keeping a correct balance of oxygen and water throughout the pile.

5)I understand the role of worms and composting organisms in the environment. I understand in using this method I'm a biomimicry pioneer, adopting this natural method to help remedy a serious environmental/community problem (full landfill). Because I can grow a lot of worms on waste I understand the need to keep the worms contained/balanced to protect surrounding sensitive ecosystem.


6)I feel I know/have learned enough/or can get enough help to assure the on-going health and vitality of these worms, their extended composting family and the surrounding environment.


7)I understand the role of trees in the on-going success (sustainability) of this method of composting, as well as the general need for reforestation.

I will plant some trees to be used for mulch and soil improvement. (If possible)


8)If somehow I go home and forget everything or something else goes askew, I agree to GET HELP such as asking a neighbor, googling info or calling the kind people at WormsWork who have provided all this information for free (on the wiki)

...and who are willing to provide more help by donation/mutual gifting (class or private consultation)

See: Consultation and Design Assistance Available

WormsWork 634-0292


9) I agree to check in with WormsWork within 6 months of adoption to report on the vitality of my Compost Beings.

I'll call, email or, if possible, I'll contribute to this wiki site with appropriate pictures, links, inspirations and info I'm learning about as I go~for the benefit of everyone.



 Foster Vermiparent; name & date

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