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Peoples Right to Grow Worms

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Do you ever listen to or watch Democracy Now (online)?

If you're like us it hurts our hearts to watch images of people starving in homeless camps in devastated Haiti,

or landless peasants (read: agrarian self-sufficiency masters) forced off their land by corporations in South & Central America, Africa, Polynesia, China, 

indeed even America (although there's less agrarian masters and more displaced "educated" workers). We pray for the suffering people and places (land, animals, trees, etc) daily...wishing we could help them all...


We've seen images of thousands of people living in trash dumps around the world.

As vermicomposters, mycoremediaters (Everyone please read Mycellium Running by Paul Stammets!!!), permaculture designers, and artists, we know we can take trash and transform it to; worm bins/beds/rows, make great compost, raised beds, greenhouses, grow food, even build houses...ultimately we could cretae self-sufficient eco-villages.


....if we have access to land. People of Kauai can relate to this global crisis, yeah?


Just found this inspirational link:


check out the Land Party in UK!!!







Global Issues/Hunger/Right to Land:



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